Everyone is the hero of their own story.

For Nathaniel, Photography is a way to reveal the natural story in everyone. When Nathaniel discovered photography at a young age, it allowed him to frame his life within the camera’s viewfinder and it became his way to give everything its own narrative. In his work, Nathaniel draws inspiration from the beauty of real life, real people their actual moments and the inherent narratives they contain. His photographs reveal the humor and warmth of authentic human experience and explore life’s true passions.

Authenticity and passion are two things that Nathaniel loves about living in Chicago, a place that has helped to shape the person he is. Like the city itself, Nathaniel is hardworking and resilient, passionate about creativity and driven to greatness, while maintaining friendliness and being truly genuine. People that have worked with Nathaniel know his relaxed demeanor and chill vibe and see it really comes across in his work.

But it is his home life and family that guide him creatively, especially when witness to the relationship between his young son and daughter and his 3 year old Dachshund, Geordie LaForge. Nathaniel loves to frame his life through his camera and to follow wherever it leads. He looks forward to creating new experiences while enriching established relationships and forging new ones.